Wednesday, 25 April 2012

How the travels went.

My travel dreams are over for a while.
The world can be a difficult place.
It is an expensive place.
I am so very happy, that I went out with my family, to collide with destiny. We meet with myriad happenings, serving to rejuvenate and enhance, the wisdom of this family. We are older now, a wiser, stronger collection of individuals, taking solace and having more insight and compassion towards each other… enjoying the deeper bonds.

Experiences of connection, dharma and nature gracefully interwove to make the last month a dream, of love and awakening… the memories linger on, sparking moments of bliss in my day, even now, some 2 weeks home…  I feel so grateful so very grateful!

Our spirits faired well, our bodies got it, a little rough. The children, especially my Dakini, who amongst all the fun playing, swimming and exploring, has come home literally wounded, with a bad case of Impetigo- her weepy, blistery, body sadness, is slowly healing.
3 weeks before this, she spent some time in hospital, with high fever, resulting from the poison bite, of hundreds of grass ticks.
The rest of us have had a little bit of this and that also.
One of the hardest aspects of travelling for me, was the difficulty, in keeping to our environmental and money saving practices, such as cloth nappies, recycling, organic/ home grown food and slow cooked healthy meals.
I was saddened at the amount of packaging, we would accumulate, in one day, on the road, - more than we would need to throw out in a week, at home.

Our taste buds suffered, our energy began to lag, my digestion and skin felt worse than it had in years, too many ice cream requests,
on the road snacks,
not enough good meals.
I would wince when no environmental nappies, could be found in supermarkets and cringe at the food bill total, that seemed, to continuously empty out wallets - I spent in less than a week, what we would spend in a month.

This year, like Last year, when we did a similar trip, I found that so many of my friends were struggling, often fridges and cupboards were close to empty, rent is so high, so so high, cars sit in need of repair, coffee meet ups are softly refused for lack of cash, bills are payed on credit, people can’t stretch much further.
Reality is becoming harsh- well for some, actually for many on this planet, it already is intolerable.
Somewhere along the path of my life, I must of gotten old, or maybe its that I have changed.

I feel a sinking, winded quite, by the price of petrol, the shopping centres, packaged milk, traffic, pollution, streets of identical brick houses, stinky creeks, litter, advertisements, lost it youth, alcoholism, materialism and unhappiness- There is a lot of this out there, probably always has been.
It makes me want to be at home, grow vegetables and apples, milk my cow and live quietly, listening to Leonard Cohen, knitting and calm abiding.

Human beings are special here on earth, considering our potential, it’s a shame that noble, simple or  just unlucky people are sometimes squashed, by an overinflated economic expectation- some of my friends, are obviously not here, to just make money! money! money! they struggle, a bit like how we struggle.

Saying this, I am trying... more, like challenging myself, to stop judging the world, to look at it, as though I am a million year old God, who sees centuries like seasons, whom takes in evolution, all in a blink of an eye.
So travelling… well I don’t know, travelling in India is a bunch of completely different obstacles and comes, as does tripping in my home country, with a lot of beauty and magic- 
it’s just that my being is saying no, don’t go on, go home, so that is what I have done…  
Gone home to dream of travel in another moon or so.

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  1. What beautiful insights. I found them very touching, particularly on how we live in this country. Sometimes it is so good just to stay put and not impact on our planet so much.


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